On 27th June, 2019, HARLEM Solicitors paid a visit to the Ifetedo campus of the Osun State University upon the invitation by the Justice & Equity Chambers of the Law Students of the great institution.

HARLEM Solicitors is delighted to have taken part in the public lecture as a speaker on the topic ‘Key Issues in Nigerian Telecommunications Legal and Regulatory Framework’ at the epochal event organized by the Law Students’ Equity & Justice Chambers led by the Lord Advocate, Omodayo Esther.

The HARLEM Team are also delighted to have met the SubDean, Student Affairs as well as Honourable Babatunde Desmond Ojo, a member of the Osun State House of Assembly who also gave a lecture on ‘The Roles of Youths in National Development’, without sounding trite or trivial.

We thank the Equity and Justice Chambers for the rousing welcome and the award given to our Principal Partner/CEO, signifying the confidence reposed in us when it comes to the aspects of discourse, Telecommunications Law- being one of our fortes.

More pictures below:

From Left to Right: Esther Omodayo (Lord Advocate, Law Students’ Equity & Justice Chambers), Babatunde Lawal, Esq., (Principal Partner/CEO- Harlem Solicitors), Hon. Babatunde Desmond Ojo (Member, Osun State House of Assembly) and SubDean, Student Affairs, Osun State University.

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