HARLEM Solicitors handling cases for Papa Oki Community on a Pro Bono basis as part of CSR initiatives

At HARLEM SOLICITORS, we owe it to our corporate conscience to give back to the community even beyond our reach because we are irrevocably committed to uplifting the lofty virtues known to be inextricably entwined around the legal profession while the entrenchment of its noble ideals is equally paramount in our operational strategies.  As such, we believe that it is our responsibility to give back to our community. Our belief is borne out of corporate self-regulation integrated into our practice model to ensure compliance with ethical standards and norms, even as we add value to the society in line with our ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ objectives.

Our CSR activities include handling pro bono cases for individuals, especially in matters bordering on assault, rape, robbery and burglary and we harness enormous skill, strength and expertness to cases that we identify. Our approach is to first evaluate the merit of each case to see what it entails. Once we see the merits of the case, we may decide to take it and represent the person right away. In the family law context, we offer mediation to parents of unruly children and volunteer to work on spousal rift without receiving any remuneration.

Our CSR initiatives are also targeted towards providing material needs for the under-privileged, making visits to orphanages, the disabled as well as old people’s homes, including government schools, while also balancing the pursuit of profit with a commitment to good ethical conduct through supplemental community service activities. To read about our Internship Program as part of our CSR Initiatives, click HERE. 

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