At HARLEM SOLICITORS, we have a vast experience in government and community relations, with a broad ranging experience in working with all levels of government bodies. Our experience ranges from advice on new legislation to identifying key contacts in the public service or communities. We have a team of lawyers with a lengthy history of good rapport with the communities, especially in the South West (including Lagos), which enables us provide full community relations advocacy services. We not only do all in our power to sustain the consistent efforts in negotiating a truce with host communities and regulatory bodies on behalf of telecoms companies, infrastructure providers, oil & gas provider companies and site owners, we also represent clients in a wide variety of other sectors, including land use planning, securing regulatory approvals and environmental permits.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in public-private projects and government contracts. We have cultivated long-standing relationships with government officials and business leaders to help our clients through the bidding and procurement process.We also routinely represent contractors in all manners of contract-compliance disputes and enforcement proceedings, sub-contractor disputes, and in negotiating change orders and contract extensions.We advise clients as to the rules limiting gifts and honoraria to public officials and public employees and help clients identify restrictions imposed by both state and federal laws and local ethics laws, civil service regulations and public agency policies.

Drawing on our deep experience with governmental agencies, across our team allows us to provide advice that is timely, on point and strategic in the context of community/governmental emergencies and interventions, development projects and compliance matters. Our firm has also pioneered strategies towards creating ‘Good Corporate Citizens’ through good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to protect GSM operators and Infrastructure Provider Companies from the vagaries of poor Quality of Service (QoS) resulting from site locks by hostile communities and regulatory/compliance issues. We work assiduously to find goal-orientated solutions to the challenges confronting our clients based on our vast understanding of how host communities think.

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