HARLEM SOLICITORS is irrevocably committed to providing world-class litigation, regulatory, compliance, and transactional services to telecoms businesses, personalized to each client’s specific needs. With our full spectrum of decade-long experience in the Telecoms sector, we apply legal expertise to attack and deal with various issues, adding great value to our clients’ businesses through collaboration and teamwork.

At Harlem, we dispense our services in these areas with razor-sharp precision in the light of our broad experience and the long-standing excellent relationship built with regulatory bodies, Landlords and various Community Development Associations, CDAs, especially in the South West (including Lagos). Matched with our ability to first identify and resolve key site issues impinging on your CAPEX and OPEX, our telecoms practice also includes rendering pieces of advice on, and resolving issues- contentious and non-contentious- across the full spectrum of the following areas-Site Acquisitions

Regulatory and Compliance

Negotiation of Rents/Site Leases and Purchases

Conduct Title Searches and Registration of Leases/Deeds

Downward Negotiation of Previously-Agreed Escalation Percentages in Leases (instant Return on Investment, RoI, per BTS is guaranteed)

Prompt Resolution of Matters Resulting in Site-Locks by Landlords, Community Development Associations, CDAs as well as Community Youths (guaranteeing 99.99% uptime)

Drafting/Review of Agreements such as Site Leases, Collocation Master Leases, Interconnect etc.

Negotiation of Town Planning Approvals/Processing of Statutory Licences and Permits Issued by Ministries/Regulatory Bodies such as Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), Urban Furniture Regulatory Unit (UFRU) etc.

Site Due Diligence Investigations

Engagement with Regulatory Agencies On behalf of Site owners, Telcos & Infracos

Compliance with Local and National Legislation and Authorizations regarding Land Issues

Compliance of Environmental Laws and Regulations

Recovery of Debts (i.e. Interconnect Rates, etc.)

The deep experience acquired by our Team Lead has resulted in full expertise in the foregoing areas, to the extent that we have become a benchmark for most Landlords, Cable TV, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Radio and TV Broadcasting, Tower and Site owners, who contact us almost daily for help in this regard. With broad knowledge of various laws by NCC, NESREA, UFRU and other environmental laws and regulations of the various states, HARLEM SOLICITORS is able to work effectively with the state and federal agencies to reach agreement on the steps our clients need to take in order to remedy infractions without dire consequences. We embody our roles through a cohesive team of lawyers working in concert to serve your chief interests at the highest and most efficient levels.

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