HARLEM SOLICITORS is suitably located in a serene atmosphere of New Bodija in Ibadan. Our primary focus is amicable settlement of all legal issues and saving money for our clients by managing their budgets, reducing extraneous costs while adding value and meeting their entire needs.

Where litigation is the only option perceived left, we leave no stone un-turned in defending our clients without committing financial waste while working expeditiously and productively because we consider our clients as valuable as the briefs they bring to us the moment they walk through our entrance door.

Experience is nothing without razor-sharp knowledge. At HARLEM SOLICITORS, we ably apply the correct law to clients’ cases to make sure they are successful- whether the matter progresses to court or not. We stand by our quality of service; it’s all we know and all we practise. In capsule form, you can rest assured we have your back!


Our mission is to provide blue-chip clients, start-up companies and individuals (both international and domestic) with cost-effective, timely, in-depth, responsive, honest and ethically sound legal advice and service, with a focus on attention to detail and communication so that our clients can get back to, and maintain focus on, what is most important, both in business and in life. We are ideally positioned to provide optimum service anchored on integrity and commitment to both our clients and the legal profession while actively seeking new opportunities for growth.


Our vision is to be the elite boutique and most sought-after commercial law firm in Nigeria and across West Africa. We build our team by engaging team-spirited attorneys and staff members with a burning penchant for success in a fast-paced, teamwork-focused environment because we want to be identified with businesses through our custom-tailored, consistent and exceptional legal services.


Our core values influence the way in which we think and interact with one another at HARLEM SOLICITORS, as well as with our clients and other stakeholders. These values include, but are not limited to:

INTEGRITY. We value highest moral standards in all aspects of our actions, dealings and decisions.

INNOVATION. We value ploughing deeply into ourselves and bringing out our boundless energy while continually challenging ourselves to learn and grow.

TRANSPARENCY. We value honesty and truth-telling fairness. Call it what defines us….and you’re spot on.

ASSIDUITY. We value attainment of excellence through careful and persistent work for our clients so as to pave way for both our success as a firm and fulfillment as individuals.


Your business concerns are of the utmost importance to us because they are also our business concerns at HARLEM SOLICITORS. Stands to reason why proactive strategies have consistently defined our self-identity from the outset as we always choose to open up a broad channel of communication with our Clients with a view to understanding their businesses and preferences so as to efficiently structure and effectively fashion out concrete legal structures affording all precise strategies towards pragmatic solutions.

With razor-sharp precision, we ardently seek solutions to complex briefs while standing behind our Clients with unfailing will, courageous desire and whole-hearted fealty, fortified with cross-domain specializations which allow for customized, business-oriented solutions covering specific Client’s needs. At HARLEM SOLICITORS, our approach and style to work is practical, with a ‘let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to work’ attitude. This is one of the attitudinal dispositions we instil into our Firm as an enduring set of principles.

We are aware that there are hydra-headed, multi-layered challenges in complying with the rapidly changing legal requirements which vary diametrically from one jurisdiction to another. We are irrevocably committed to assisting in guiding each Client through the myriad of challenges as we strive hard to always find pragmatic solutions and behave consistent with our Clients’ core values, while providing a seamless commercial approach that matches the way that our Clients operate.

In capsule form, HARLEM SOLICITORS is dedicated to finding practical, cost-effective solutions to achieve your business goals. We are also a firm of skilled lawyers dedicated to aggressive and strategic advocacy, working cohesively and collaboratively to serve your interests at the highest and most efficient levels.


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