HARLEM SOLICITORS is an Ibadan-based legal firm founded on effective advocacy aimed at securing the best legal outcomes and building clients’ cases to achieve the best results. Our credo finds a trenchant expression in being approachable, responsive and offering high levels of specialist expertise.

At HARLEM SOLICITORS, we assist clients with virtually every legal issue confronting a business or an individual client. We take each case seriously and make sure your best interests are represented and fully protected.

HARLEM SOLICITORS is distinguished from other law firms by its resolve to treat clients’ legal issues in a reasonable manner and without extensive and costly litigation. With catholicity of expertness, we craft solutions to our clients’ legal and business problems with creativity as we are always mindful that efficiency, proficiency and diligence are critical to the bottom line.

HARLEM SOLICITORS, blessed as it is with a continuum of dedicated attorneys, is reputed for showing obvious internal strenght towards the delivery of workable, practical plans and cast-iron strategies that make sense from all legal and business aspects.

With unique blend of skill, darting intellect and tremendous energy which our team bring to each and every case, we at HARLEM SOLICITORS help clients navigate through all forms of legal turmoil with which you are confronted and overwhelmed. In our pursuit of a goal that gives our clients the necessary tools that enable them make an informed decision on every legal matter brought to us, we give plain, straightforward evaluation of risks and costs involved in a case, the chances of winning, the merits of the case et al.   Small wonder our success precedes us like a flag at the end of a charging lance! 

Feel free to browse our practice areas and find out more about us or give us a call today on +234-8033852360.


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