Why HARLEM Virtual Internship?

Traditionally, HARLEM Internship Program offers students in-person opportunities to gain valuable work experience in ways that go beyond the theory taught in classrooms, affording them practical experience in a difficult job market and propagating the development, extension and expansion of their professional skills.

However, as our traditional internship program burgeons and, like a Virginia Creeper, blossoms with the passage of the day, gaining huge popularity and leading to applicants coming in droves with limited space, we developed innovative approach and adopt radically new and flexible internship methods by offering more flexible modality such as the ‘HARLEM Virtual Internship’ (hereinafter referred to as the ‘HVI’), fostering more participation of graduates and undergraduates and other professionals who are desirous of enjoying the optimal benefits that HARLEM-style Internship program has to offer but are unable to make themselves physically present in our office due to financial, geographical, physical and time constraints.

What Benefits and Opportunities?

The HVI is a great way to demonstrate participants’ keen interest in the face-paced, collegial, friendly but ‘strict’ working conditions of HARLEM and in learning about corporate practice while developing new interest in the area of Telecommunications Law and Practice.

Our Virtual Internship program strengthens the link between education and employability, allowing for more students’ participation with a strong desire and passion for learning to enter into a situation in which they can develop their professional experience at a distance, and truly receive lectures and work intensely on authentic assignments that represent the actual work in the field under close scrutiny and a tighter regime of supervision. With a good internet connection and a computer/Android phone, then Bob’s your Uncle!

At HARLEM, we have also put in place a spread of new organisational and pedagogical concepts by which to ensure appropriate guidance of all virtual interns, made easier with the advancement of technology and our ICT Infrastructure. We believe that the HVI, like our traditional internship program, represents a good opportunity to turn the freshly acquired theoretical knowledge of participants into a practical experience through constant communication by E-mail, phone, Skype/Whatsapp/Telegram and Weekly Meetings.

Generally, implicit to the participation in the HVI program are the following take-aways:

  • practical experience in the field of study;
  • managing disparate viewpoints and competing interests;
  • turbo-charged knowledge of telecommunications law and practice;
  • communicating in a professional setting and gaining extra skills;
  • enhancing familiarity with digital tools, Email culture and tech-based work;
  • networking opportunities;
  • clear communication about tasks, problems, progress, reports, ideas, schedules;
  • learning working-methods of corporate practice;
  • augmenting learning goals and homework tasks;
  • getting participants’ mindset to something closer to their future needs;
  • acquirement of new soft skills, such as Punctuality, Meeting Deadlines and Time Management.

Why ‘Paid’ Virtual Internship?

At HARLEM, we pay the traditional interns competitive/attractive monthly stipends, aside from those employee-friendly practices we extend to them plus social events which include Work Retreat and free lunch at 5-star hotels during the course of the Internship.

In a similar token, we are persuaded that all virtual interns should also not incur any personal expenses as a result of their “remote” status. Therefore, upon completion of the HVI, any such reasonable costs, including the purchase of airtime and data for the purposes of the virtual internship- shall be borne by HARLEM, and monetized for each participant, as long as all conditions of the virtual internship are fulfilled by the participant, two of which are 80% participation in all lectures and excellent performance in the HVI exit test. A cash prize (which will be disclosed to successful applicants from the outset of the program) will be paid to the best Virtual Intern.

Structure of the HVI

HVI is an online work/training experience whose chief aim is to develop leadership traits in young undergraduates and graduates and assist them in realising their potentials. You should expect to be pushed beyond your limits as you work on assignments, prepare legal writings, video lectures on treated topics while you enjoy close interactions with our Principal Partner, copiously learning from him about HARLEM and how our  business of corporate practice works.

We at HARLEM are proud to say that, with the introduction of the HVI, first of its kind in Ibadan, Oyo State, a new and innovative pedagogical concept for gaining professional work experience has been awakened, making learning and training more accessible to students outside traditional cohorts.

HVI Categories

‘HVI Categories’ is similar to the criteria you find when you click HERE.

The HVI Eligibility Criteria

‘HVI Eligibility Criteria’ is similar to the criteria you find when you click HERE.

Additionally, any of HARLEM’s former Interns listed HERE is eligible to apply. We also encourage young lawyers or any other interested working professionals and graduates/undergraduates in related fields of study to apply, provided that they meet the other criteria.

The HVI Application Procedure

To apply, click on the link below:

HARLEM Virtual Internship (HVI) Application Form

Alternatively, Internship candidates can send their applications to hvi@harlemsolicitors.com, and copy grace.kalu@harlemsolicitors.com, with the following documents attached:

  • A comprehensive CV (indicating your current CGPA) and a cover letter.
  • Copy of the latest Degree or equivalent (in case of Pre-Law School/NYSC) or any evidence, like Transcripts, showing completion of Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) or any other related programme.
  • Soft copy of recent, professional passport photograph of the applicant must be sent via Whatsapp number +234-9090041102 to Grace Kalu Esq., contemporaneously with applications e-mailed to hvi@harlemsolicitors.com and copy grace.kalu@harlemsolicitors.com. Note that only passports taken within the past 6 months, showing current appearance (which must be formal and professional) must be sent.

The applicants are usually contacted in less than 24 hours. Please note that only shortlisted candidates are contacted.


There will be two (2) diets of HVI in a year. Each diet shall run for 8 weekends (consisting of a 2-hour online lecture on both Saturdays and Sundays). Candidates are free to choose the diet preferred by them but each applicant can only participate in a diet yearly.

A test will be conducted towards the end of each diet and each participant will be required to submit a 5-minute-long video presentation before certificate of participation/merit can be awarded/sent to all successful candidates through the DHL courier.

FIRST DIET: MARCH 13TH/14TH till MAY 3RD of each year.

Application period for the First Diet begins February 1st and ends on February 28th of each year.

SECOND DIET: JULY 17TH/SEPT 4TH of each year.

Application period for the Second Diet begins June 1st and ends on June 30th of each year.

All enquiries relating to the HVI are to be sent to hvi@harlemsolicitors.com or through Whatsapp number +234-9090041102.

All the best!

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