Why Intern At HARLEM?

At HARLEM, we commenced the experiential learning program, internship (both regular and virtual) as well as externship, in line with our Firm’s Pro Bono & CSR Initiatives. We believe that the competition in the labour market is fierce. We also believe that every serious-minded, brilliant student requires an experience to gain experience and that a practical work background carries a major significance when attempting to enter the already saturated labour market.

This is one of the reasons that our practice model has integrated the experiential learning program via the paid internships and externship programmes which doubtless have been ratified by great demonstrations of popular enthusiasm, as law graduates and undergraduates keen on learning continue to apply in droves, harnessing the opportunity we provide to graduates and undergraduates to work for monthly stipends for a period of time.

Unlike conventional employment, our paid internship and externship have an emphasis on training and it is usually a period of practical experience valuable to law graduates waiting for the Law School as a means to allowing them experience how their studies are applied in the “real world”. Also, we receive law undergraduates from various universities who come to our firm for periods of externship or to make inquiries, receive enlightenment on the legal career and conduct research to further aspects of their studies.

All told, the inevitable result of our internship and externship programs has been one which helps the participants to gain exposure to real-world problems and issues, ease transition from being a student to entering the job market,  grow personally in the context of their career and personal goals as well as develop new skills and knowledge to enable them scale and measure better as Law undergrads and graduates, putting them on a better turf/podium and ensuring that they exceed far above their contemporaries. We make sure we entrust each intern with adequate responsibilities, opportunities and the leverage to grow. Our interns also have direct interface with the Principal Partner/CEO to build their confidence for potential full-time employment in the future.

We at HARLEM are enthused by the opportunity and platform we provide for these brilliant, young minds. That is the premise of the belief we nurture, and our justification for striving harder.

Please read more about our Virtual Internship programe HERE AND our Pro Bono & CSR Initiatives HERE.

HARLEM Internship Categories

Undergraduate Internship

The Undergraduate Internship program is for candidates currently running a university Law degree. However, the prospective intern must have completed at least 200Level (not below Second Class Upper division) in the University and must possess an outstanding interim academic record and a keen interest in our Firm’s practice areas, particularly Corporate/Commercial and Telecommunications Law. Competitive and attractive monthly stipend is paid to successful candidates. Considerations may also be given to smart, intelligent candidates BELOW Second Class Upper.

Pre-Law School/Pre-NYSC Internship

This Pre-Law School program is open to law graduates awaiting Law School and seeking work experience in the interim. We put emphasis on First Class or Second Class Upper, with an interest in our Firm’s practice areas, particularly Corporate/Commercial and Telecommunications Law. Competitive and attractive monthly stipend is paid to successful candidates. Considerations may also be given to smart, intelligent candidates BELOW Second Class Upper.

The Pre-NYSC program is aimed at graduate level students, seeking an interim work experience, during the pendency of NYSC deployment. Again, only candidates on First Class or Second Class Upper are recruited, and they must also have an interest in our Firm’s practice areas, particularly Corporate/Commercial. Competitive and attractive monthly stipend is paid to successful candidates plus certificates of participation.

HARLEM Internship Program Eligibility Criteria

Cutting across all forms of internship is the requirement that applicants must be organized, self-motivated and reliable with a razor-sharp ability to communicate. Applicants must also be cultural-fit into HARLEM’s practices and procedures, with a strong computer/web literacy.

Taken as a whole, applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for internship in HARLEM:

  • Be University students, aged between eighteen (17) to thirty (30) years;
  • Ability to use office-related software (MS Office), including e-mail outlook for official correspondence.
  • Be fluent in English Language (both written and spoken) and team-spirited.

Note that all eligible interns will be responsible for their transport fare to and from the office for the duration of their internship but they shall be paid competitive and attractive monthly stipends .

HARLEM Internship Program Application Procedure

Internship applicants are requested to send their applications to careers@harlemsolicitors.com, attaching:

  • A comprehensive CV (indicating your current CGPA) and a cover letter.
  • Copy of the latest Degree or equivalent (in case of Pre-Law School/NYSC) or any evidence showing completion of Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) programme.
  • Soft copy of recent, professional passport photograph of the applicant. Note that only passports taken within the past 2 months, showing current appearance (which must be formal and professional) must be sent.

The applicants are usually contacted in less than 24 hours. Please note that only complete applications will be processed.

HARLEM Internship Program: Terms and Conditions

The duration of HARLEM Internship Program shall not be less than one calendar month (5 weeks) and not more than three months with a possibility of extension for a further period and renewable at the instance of the Firm and subject to availability of space.

Before You Join HARLEM, Anything Else?

Yes, all prospective candidates are to note the following six (6) points about HARLEM Internship Program:

  • Successful completion of HARLEM paid Internship Program also guarantees Law School Bounty/CSR payment of monthly stipends during the first 3 months of the Intern’s Law School Programme  (to help the beneficiaries stabilize financially and have a ‘soft landing’ at Law School);
  • Aside from the competitve monthly paid to each successful participants, cash awards are also given in these following categories: ‘Most Outstanding Intern’, ‘Best Video Lecturer’ and ‘Most Culture-Fit Intern’;
  • Our Firm maintains a corporate/formal environment and all interns must also dress professionally, decently and in a business-like manner. Casual wears are, however, permitted on Fridays;
  • Use of WhatsApp other than for business purposes is not allowed during official hours except during lunch break;
  • HARLEM‘s policies and procedures frown upon late arrival at work, poor time-management and lack of ability to meet deadlines;
  •  Interns are subject to all the practices, policies and procedures in force as contained in HARLEM Employee Handbook, including our Firm’s email and internet policies;
  • HARLEM Internship Program provides an excellent, disciplined training ground only in our Firm’s areas of practice, with a strong emphasis on Telecommunications Law; and
  • HARLEM is a friendly but demanding work environment where all team members (including the Principal Partner/CEO) are on a first-name basis, regardless of age or position. We operate an open-door work ethics.

         Lastly, to get to know our former interns and what they have to say about HARLEM, see HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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